• Steak, potatoes, and peppers in spicy tomato sauce, served with rice, beans, and salad
  • Chilaquiles, in red sauce, topped with cheese, served with rice, and potatoes

Susie's Mexican Cafe and Lounge

Established In 1974

About us

Susie’s Mexican Cafe and Lounge was established in 1974 in one of Arizona’s oldest neighborhoods, Victory Acres, in Tempe, Arizona. Our great-tasting food is Authentic, Traditional, and a tribute to family.

Susie’s dishes are packed with flavor and authentic recipes created by our mother, Magdalena Enriquez, assisted by her Tia Lina and Doña Georgina. Tia Lina was a chef in her restaurant in Guadalajara, Jalisco, and eventually worked her way up in the Coachella food industry. Doña Georgina has been an outstanding chef at Susie’s for over 30 years.

Susie’s continues to follow the tradition of using the same recipes and quality meats and ingredients for our menu. It represents our roots in Jalisco and Zacatecas, Mexico, where our family came from. Our food also includes the southwestern touch of the neighborhood we represent in the Tempe Victory Acres neighborhood.

Family is one of the most important values our parents instilled in us. We continue to follow the example of our parents to treat our customers like family. Susie’s exists because our long-standing customers we’ve been privileged to have for decades.

Susie’s food truck aims to spread a passion for great-tasting Mexican food throughout Maricopa County. Susie’s goal is to reach many Phoenix Valley neighborhoods demanding delicious homemade Mexican food.