Lunch Specials

Monday - Saturday 11:00AM to 3:00PM

1c Domestic Draft Beer with Lunch Special or 1 Small Soda Fountain Drink

No Refill

Each Soda Refill Will Cost $1.20

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One Red or Green Burro & 1 Taco


1 Beef Taco, 1 Bean Tostada & Spanish rice Top with lettuce, tomatoes and american cheese

3-LS Tamale

1 Red Beef Tamale topped with red chile sauce and cheese, served with spanish rice & refried beans.

4-LS Two Tacos

Two Tacos served with refried beans

5-LS Albondigas Soup

Small bowl of Albondigas soup served a big cheese quesadilla

6-LS Cheese Enchilada

1 Cheese enchilada, 1 Beef Taco served with Spanish rice.

7-LS Bean Burro

1 Bean Burro top with enchilada Style sauce served with spanish rice.

8-LS Red or Green Taco Salad

Taco Salad served with red or green chile con carne, topped with lettuce,tomatoes, cheese & sour cream.

9-LS Pozole

Medium bowl of Pozole soup made with pork and hominy. Served with tortillas, cabbage, onions, lemon and red chile pepper sauce.

10-LS Tacos de Asada

Three Tacos de asada( marinated meat cook in the grill) topped with cilandro, onions and chile salsa. Served with spanish rice and beans.